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Camping and the SASISCOOP

Posted by larry clark on Tue, Apr 05, 2011 @ 04:02 PM

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      Its Spring time and it seems like a lot of us are getting our camping gear ready for our first trip of the year.  You’re loading everything in the camper or trailer to make sure you have a great trip, just don’t forget the SASISCOOP.


     Going camping now seems to be taking your trailer to a campground where there are a lot of other people thinking the same thing.  Your neighbor is closer than they are at home. but still everyone is there to have fun, relax, and socialize.


      It seems like more and more people are taking their pets with them on the camping trip.  One of the problems is your dog is going to have to poop sometime on this outing. Letting your dog poop anywhere and not clean it up is probably the fastest way to have a fellow camper not like you, when they step in it.  I have seen some irate campers go at each other and it can escalate fast.


     Going out in the woods is a lot of fun and you don’t have to worry about picking up dog poop as long as it is away from the other campers, but when you are in the camp ground or on trails close to the camp ground be a good neighbor and clean it up.


     A good camper is one that leaves the area cleaner than when he got there.  An easy way to pick up the little pieces of trash and dog poop is take along the SASISCOOP. You can leave the bag on and keep it handy when your dog poops and it works great for picking up little pieces of food that is dropped on the ground to help keep bugs away. 

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Buying a puppy is like buying a car

Posted by larry clark on Thu, Mar 31, 2011 @ 05:02 PM


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     Buying a puppy is like buying a car. It is a big investment that is going to cost you quite a bit of money and a lot of time choosing the right one.


     Now that you have decided to buy a puppy, where do you buy it? You can go to a private owner, dog shelter, or a pet store. We all have heard and seen horror stories of puppy mill dogs that could have problems. Dogs in shelters could have problems you don’t know about and private owners may not know much about the parents.


     Take your time and decide what type of dog you want to have. Go to the library and see what kinds of options come with the type of dog you want. Dogs come in all sorts of prices, sizes, shapes, temperament, colors, hair length, working, and some for just being a friend. Make sure the type of puppy dog fits everything you want in a dog because the dog can live for a long time. Spend some time finding a good breeder or information about the dog, if it is full-grown.


       Once you have a new puppy its time to go to the vet and make sure it is healthy and has all of its shots taken care of. Take the time to have your dog checked out for problems only a Vet can detect, similar to having a mechanic check your car.


    Now it time to go to the accessory store or pet store for your puppy dog. Your head will spend with everything in the stores and on the Internet for a puppy dog. You will need a collar, leash, dog food, training books, treats, bed, dog bowls for food and water, shampoos, conditioners, carpet cleaner, and a SASISCOOP for the dog poop in the yard.


     Your dog will depend on you to take care of it and keep it safe for the rest of its life, the same way your car depends on you for care. It can be a great relationship if done the right way.


     Enjoy the dog! 

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Nothing like a trained dog

Posted by larry clark on Fri, Mar 25, 2011 @ 12:52 PM


The Pooper Scooper BlogHelp-train-me

     If you have a dog, chances are good that you have had some sort of training problem.


     Problems start early from the day you take your new puppy home. The age-old problem of house training your dog is one of the biggest issues that you will have first.If the correct steps aren’t taken at first, it can be totally frustrating to own a dog. I know people that miss treat dogs for making a mess on the floor, and it’s not the dog’s fault. The simple fact is that it was not trained right at the beginning.


     Puppies love to chew on objects and there are no limits on what they like to chew on. Many people loose a couch, chair, corner of the house, or a favorite pair of shoes, the list goes on and on. The dog is just trying to cut teeth like a baby does.


     Of course if you have a newly planted garden or flower you can bet on seeing it excavated by your dog.


     When you live in the city you have neighbors that might not like the sound of a dog barking. This can cause relationships with neighbors to be strained and sometimes can lead to violence. The owner even gets tired of hearing a dog bark to.


    Your dog might like to jump on people when he sees them and a lot of people don’t like dogs jumping on them. They may be afraid of dogs and does not know if the dog is friendly or attaching them.


     I’m sure there are a ton of other training problems, and you might like to read a book or ask friends how they trained there dog. Chances are good you are going to come up with something, you just can’t figure out how to train them.


     I have recently come across a company that can solve all of your problems as far as training your dog goes. Barkbusters has a lot of independent owners using a non-violent way of training your dog. I would highly recommend calling them for a dog problem, or just to start out on the right foot in training your dog.


    While I have your attention on training your dog you should check out the SASISCOOP, because having a dog also means you have dog poop to pick up.


     Dogs are great and even greater to have, if they are trained properly. 

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Dog poop can make you ill.

Posted by larry clark on Wed, Mar 23, 2011 @ 12:49 PM

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     Besides the smell of dog poop, there are other problems of leaving your dog poop on the ground in your yard.

  •      The smell on a hot summer day, of a yard that has not been picked up, can really ruin a nice barbecue.


  •      If your kids like to play in the yard, they are more than likely to step or fall in the dog poop. Then you have the pleasure of cleaning the poop off.


  •  Some dogs even start eating their own poop. I don't know about you, but that makes doggie kisses a little bit gross.


  •  The dog poop can give you a bactererial infection that gives you diarrhea. The long medical name is (camplyobacteriosis) .


  • A type of roundworm transmitted from animals to humans can give you vision loss, rash, fever, or a cough. The medical name is (toxocarisis).


  • To top it off, if you have muscles aches, headache, rash, vomiting, cough, or fever as a sympton, you could have (salmonellosis). This is also transmitted from dog to humans.

     We are all guilty of letting the dog poop build up in our yards. There are options, you can have a dog poop pick up service come or you can pick it up yourself. If you decide to do it yourself there is no need to make it hard to do. You might want to look at the SASISCOOP to see how it can make your job easier. If your not convinced it works, look at the testimonials and decide for yourself.         

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Dog poop in toilet could cost you!

Posted by larry clark on Fri, Mar 18, 2011 @ 12:19 PM

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      Some people say flush your biodegradable bags, with dog poop down the toliet. You might want to think that one over before you do it. This comes from experience because I will be one of the plumbers you call to unplug your toilet.

      The new toilets with  the wider openings have a better chance of flushing the poop and bag away.  The majority of the toilets in houses are still the older type that have a smaller opening. I can almost promise you, if you flush the bag with dog poop in it, you will have a plugged toilet.

     When you bring the bag in, full of poop, you may be risking your families health. Dog poop has potential diseases that can be spread to humans. If your toilet gets plugged, you have the diseased poop in your toilet or coming over the top. This could be a real mess until you can unplug it or wait for a plumber. Then the floor should be disinfected to kill the bacteria.

     My advise would be not to flush it down the toilet and if you have to dump it, take it out of the bag and flush it seperately. If your dog has a mistake in the house, you will probably pick it up with toilet paper. Make sure the piece of toilet paper and dog poop isn't to large to flush. If you have to, seperate the toilet paper from the poop and make sure the toilet paper is soaked before the flush. 

     I am just trying to save you a little money and help keep your family safe.

     The same disease problem is still real where ever your dog has to poop. To help prevent health problems out side where your dog poops, take a look at the SASISCOOP, to make your yard free of dog poop.

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Easiest poop scoop to use

Posted by larry clark on Tue, Mar 15, 2011 @ 02:24 PM

SASISCOOPThe Pooper Scooper Blog 


   What makes the SASISCOOP faster and easier to use, than its competitors.

  •      The handle and the scoop weigh only 1 1/4 lbs together. Being so lightweight makes it easy when you take your dog for a walk and pick up dog poop in your yard.


  •      Handle and scoop adjust from 34" to 54" in length. This makes it so kids and adults can use the scoop with ease, without having to bend over. It is easier for people that have a hard time bending over to clean up dog poop and help prevent a fall.


  •     The SASISCOOP also works well when you go for a walk to help keep aggressive dogs, that are not on a leash, away.


  •     The scoop part of the SASISCOOP has six teeth that are 2" long. The teeth are spaced so it is can pick up small and large pieces of dog poop. The teeth are rounded and 2" long so it glides across the grass and it can dig down and get the poop you missed last time.


  •      The round shape of the scoop helps the scoop glide across the grass with less effort.


  •        The round part of the scoop is made out of plastic to help keep the poop from sticking and easy clean up.


  •      The teeth are flexible enough to pick up dog poop on cement and asphalt. So if you take it with you, when you take your dog for a walk, you can clean up on grass and hard surfaces. This beats picking up poop with your hand in a bag.


  •      A standard plastic grocery store bag and the bag your paper comes in attaches to the scoop. This makes it nice so you don't have to look at the poop once it is picked up.


  •      It helps to keep the area you walk your dog at clean, by picking up dog poop that other people failed to do.  

     Look at some of the  SASISCOOP reviews and make the decision to make your job easier.

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Pressure to pick up dog poop

Posted by larry clark on Thu, Mar 10, 2011 @ 07:58 PM

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     There is a lot of pressure on dog owners to pick up their dogs poop out in public. You can see signs almost in all of the parks you go to and even dispensers are supplied for doggie poop bags. Some of the the signs tell you that you will be fined, if you don't clean up after your dog. The fines range from $25 to $1,000 for not cleaning up poop. These signs have been up for a long time and I have not heard of anyone being fined for not cleaning up.

     These signs and dispensers seem to be everywhere that is public land. I just have a question, who pays for these signs, dispensers, and the upkeep. It does not stop there, the dispensers have to be filled with bags. I have no idea how many bags are being bought to fill all of the dispensers.

     The signs are cute and its great to have the bags to use. I still see dog poop everywhere I take my dogs for a walk, even though we have reminders about picking up your poop with bags that are supplied.

     Its not pleasant to pick up dog poop with a plastic bag and have the warm uwee gooey feeling in your hand. Then you have to find a trash can to drop it in or like some people leave it by the trail side. The option is to carry a poop scoop with you to do the job.

    The answer might be to have more people out patrolling and handing out tickets. I think this is bad option because I am afraid the dogs would be mistreated and people just can't afford a fine.

     Another answer might be just to take the responsibility for cleaning up after your dog.

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Do you pick up dog poop?

Posted by larry clark on Mon, Mar 07, 2011 @ 07:53 PM

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Pick up or not to pick up dog poop?


      It seems like it should be a fairly easy question to answer if you have a dog. A dog belongs to you and that means their poop belongs to you to. If your dog bites someone you are responsible for his actions, so what is the difference?

     I would bet if you went for a walk, either with your dog or without your dog, you would see a pile of dog poop. You can't even stop and sit on the grass unless you check it for dog poop first.

     As long as we have dogs there is going to be dog poop piles, when we take a walk. This includes everywhere in the city, and outside the city limits you can walk

     The local governments even provide bags, so people can pick up the dog poop. You would think that would solve the problem for dog owners, yet you still see piles dog poop. They must think they are to good to pick up after their pets, I'm not sure. Until dog owners take the responsibilty to pick up their dogs poop, we are stuck with the problem.

     When I go for a walk, I take a poop scoop with me, I don't like the owee gooey feel of warm dog poop through the bag in my hand. The one I carry is light weight, has a trash bag that connects to a funnel, and has a telescoping handle. I can pick up alot of extra dog poop and it helps to keep agressive dogs away.

     Maybe if people see us picking up dog poop, we can pass it on and everyone will pick up dog poop. What do you think about this idea? I think I am dreaming or smelled to much dog poop.

     If you like the idea check out the SASISCOOP and see if you can use it, for your walks. It can hold alot of dog poop and is easy to use.

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How blind people Scoop Poop

Posted by larry clark on Thu, Mar 03, 2011 @ 03:17 PM

The Pooper Scooper BlogSeeing eye dog poop clean  up    

I was recently ask how do blind people clean up

poop from their dogs. Seemed like an impossible job

for the owners to do, because they can't see it.

     After doing some research on the subject I found

out that I fell into the trap, like many other people, that blind

people would need some help.

     The blind may not be able to see, but they adapt by using

their other senses. They are trained along with their dog on how

to do this task, just like people that can see learns how to do a

job. The only difference is that the dog and his owner work

together as a team.

     The dogs are trained to go on command and go in a

designated area with the owner being present. The dog owners

puts their hand on the dogs back and simply follows the back

down the back leg and feels for the poop, with a plastic bag on

their hand.

     I would like to apologize for falling into the trap, that you

would need some help. I hope this article answers the

question, on how blind people work with their partners to pick up

dog poop.

     If you have any comments or more information on the subject

please leave a comment.

     Take a look at the The SASISCOOP and make your life easier.

photo by Rachael Pennington photostream

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Time to scoop the poop!

Posted by larry clark on Mon, Feb 28, 2011 @ 07:54 PM

The Pooper Scooper BlogSping time dream


     This time of year everyone is dreaming about and

wondering when Spring is going to show up.

     There is an issue that comes along with the snow melting and

the weather getting warmer in our yards. A flower pops up in all

of our yards called the Poop Blob Dog Lilly. This has been

 dormant under the snow, frozen just waiting for the warm

weather, so it can blossom. This has a distinct odor to it, can be

very sticky to the touch, and comes in a variety of colors. This

Lilly thrives everywhere in the yard, including rocks, cement, and

even decks or patios.

     At one time in our lives we all have stepped on one of these

Lillies and found out just how bad it smells and how hard it can

be to get off of your shoes.

     Where do these Lillies come from, that keep popping up?

     I believe you let them out daily to help promote your flower

garden and cuddle them and talk to them, like they are one of

your kids. Sure enough its your dog that plants these flowers for

you to pick up, now thats a true friend.

     Its hard to go out in the snow storms and cold weather to

 pick up dog poop in the Winter time. When warm weather comes

 don't dread going out to pick up after your dog. Poop scoops

should be made to make it easy to harvest your Poop Lillies.

Check out  the SASISCOOP to make your job easier!

 Enjoy the harvesting of your  Poop Blob Dog Lillies.


Photo by gryhrt's photostream

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